What's new

Elastic 8.5

Transforming data into actionable insights has never been easier with Elastic 8.5. Learn more about all the enhancements, including advanced vector search functionality, a new dimension of threat intelligence management, and .NET auto-instrumentation.

8.5 Enhancements

Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Cloud

Elastic Stack 8.5 has more ways to collaborate and annotate, plus root cause analysis for AIOps. Unlock new search potential with vector search using HNSW (now GA).

  • Elastic Enterprise Search

    Enterprise Search

    Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5 brings powerful machine learning and ingestion-time workflows to any dataset.

  • Elastic Observability


    Learn more about the general availability of Elastic APM .NET agent profiler auto-instrumentation.

  • Security

    Learn how Elastic Security furthers unification of SIEM and on-host protection with XDR, cloud, and endpoint security.