Getting started with Elastic

Elastic empowers you to search, observe, and protect your data to drive results that matter.

To get started with Elastic:

  • Sign up to instantly deploy Elastic on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.
  • Start with your first integration.
  • Search and analyze your data.

Want a sneak peek before signing up? Check out the live demo environment.



Your journey with Elastic begins here!

The Elastic Platform allows you apply search-powered solutions to any type of data to solve your search, observability and security challenges. Check out our resources to help you get up and running quickly.

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    See how to instantly deploy

    Take a sneak peek at how easy it is to launch your first deployment in any of our 50+ supported regions.

    Learn about benefits of running in Elastic Cloud.

  • Flexible data

    Get data into Elastic

    Choose the integration that fits your environment or try our live demo environment.

    Check out how you can ingest any type of data with Elastic.

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    Explore your data

    Get to know Kibana. Explore your data, create visualizations, and set up dashboards.

    Watch this quick Kibana overview or explore the How-to Series.


Guided solution journeys

Take advantage of our documentation, tutorials, training, webinars, and more. Get a jump start on solving your specific challenges.

  • Elastic Enterprise Search

    Enterprise Search

    Get started building search applications tailored with Enterprise Search.

  • Elastic Observability


    Monitor your environment with this curated collection of content to help you ramp up on Elastic Observability.

  • Security

    Set up your system so you can detect threats across your environment with Elastic Security.

Take it to the next level

For more guidance on getting started, check out the resources below. Plus, we love a good query so you can always reach out to us directly for help.

  • Find docs and tools

    Ready to dive in? Check out our in-depth tech documentation.

  • Ask the community

    Connect with the users and expert contributors who have helped build Elastic.

  • Get certified

    Get certified in a virtual classroom or privately. Ask the experts your burning questions live.

Start with Elastic on your favorite cloud

Run Elastic on your favorite cloud service provider. Send your data to Elastic Cloud with native integrations on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

  • Natively ingest logs into Elastic from Amazon S3 with the Elastic serverless forwarder. Centrally view them in Elastic alongside other logs and metrics. Ingest container and storage logs from Amazon ECS with the native integration of AWS FireLens to accelerate analysis.

  • Automate ingestion of Azure platform logs within the Microsoft Azure portal using a native integration. Easily monitor virtual machines by streaming logs and metrics into Elastic with the VM extension. Seamlessly ingest data from Microsoft Azure Spring Cloud to unify visibility across Spring Boot Applications.

  • Simplify your architecture when you stream events and logs — from Google Pup/Sub, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), or BigQuery — into Elastic using Google Dataflow. In addition, leverage the Elastic Enterprise Search extension to add search functionality to mobile and web applications.


Fast track to ramping up

Start your Elastic journey and become an expert faster than ever — for free. Build your Enterprise Search, Observability, Security, and Elastic Stack skills with these resources.

  • Free training

    Check out our 15-minute quick starts, how-to series, and more to start your Elastic journey — for free.

  • Shared responsibility

    Learn about the benefits of leveraging Elastic as a managed service within your organization.

  • Tips and tricks

    Whether you're a new or an existing user, hit the ground running on your next project by getting the most out of Elastic Cloud with this guide.

  • Manage your total cost of ownership

    Data volumes in the cloud are growing exponentially, which can raise costs. Read our guide to learn how to keep total cost of ownership under control.

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